Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Tutorial for Night and Day Quilt block

This is a fun and easy quilt block.  It is 6 1/2" block, so cute and great for scraps or leftovers.
All seams are 1/4 " You need a strip 1 1/4" by the width of fabric of 2 colors. Or if you have scraps you can cut those into 1 1/4 inch strips.
Sew the two strips along the length, and press open.
Use triangle ruler to cut pieces as shown, you need 16, (8 of each direction)
lay pieces out as shown. You can put the dark in the middle or the light. ( I like to make two sets and do one of each, I have also shown both ways in pictures).
Then just sew as shown in pics. Make sure to press seams as you go. I hope this is enough instructions for you to understand. Enjoy!

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