Thursday, September 10, 2015

Book Review Finding Peace

About the book:
What can you do when family members turn away from your cherished faith? How can you move from such powerful disappointment to a place of  peace? This book takes a thoughtful look at how you can face your new reality, hold on to hope, and stay connected with children who exercise agency in ways you would not choose for them. Uplifting and encouraging, this book is perfect for helping parents and grandparents alike to find the seemingly elusive peace they seek.
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About the author:
Robin Zenger Baker has a psychology degree from Stanford University, an Organizational Behavior Master’s degree from BYU, and a PhD in Organizational Strategy from UCLA. She is currently studying Family Therapy and Counseling at UMass Boston. She has written for the Ensign magazine, and has edited and co-authored multiple publications in the field of organizational behavior. She is a past president of the BYU Alumni Association Boston chapter, and currently works to raise funds for local inner city youth to attend church schools.

This book shares many stories about children that have chosen another path than what parents would want for them. It tells of the emotions, and reactions that the parents have had. Having lived through this myself with one of my own, this book gave me comfort knowing that I wasn't alone. So many of the thoughts that others had, I have had also. I have felt like a failure just like many others who have had a child go astray. After reading this book, I have felt much better about things and now look at things differently. This book really lives up to the title "Finding Peace".  I would highly recommend this book to any who have a child, grand child, a  sibling or loved one who has chosen a life that has taken them down the wrong path.

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