Monday, September 7, 2015

Book Review: When Beauty is a Beast

About the book:
We have no qualms laying out men’s sins—especially abusive behavior. But we’ve avoided “going there” when it comes to women. This book offers advice to heal marriages and families where women display controlling behavior or create fear. It will help turn crumbling relationships into partnerships of love and trust.
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About the author:
C.C. Sorensen is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and has served in many positions on both the ward and stake level. “When Beauty Is a Beast” grew out of Sorensen’s many years of counseling husbands and wives who were struggling with various relationship issues.

My Review: I found this book gave insight on things many women may do that may cause harm to a relationship with their husbands/men in their life. One thing that the book points out is, that we tend to mother our men  sometimes, and we may not realize it. I find myself doing that and since reading the book I have tried to be more aware of this and change it. There are many other things in this book that tells the man's side of things and it is a real eye opener.  It talks about many other things, that are abusive behavior by women to men.  I was really surprised and shocked at some of the things in the book. Reading this book could be a real help to couples to see things that could be done differently to make for a better relationship. It helps you to build up your husband/man so he feels better about himself.

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